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Huntington Station
Skrivet 2014-05-23,04:29:41 CEST Vecka:21
Another area that is just newly-launched at Faber Walk is none other than the Waterfront @ Faber, this offers
every person a life that's filled with luxury and comfort. Close to the Waterfront @ Faber the Clementi
Bus Interchange and Clementi MRT station. This will make journeying easier from one place to another such as
the Jurong Point, The Star Vista, Orchard Road and many more. There's no need to travel farther since you
can easily get your day-to-day needs to nearest marketplace and can easily shop at Clementi Mall for more

Several amenities and facilities are located around Waterfront @Faber Condominium. Inhabitants
can also find some educational facilities which are near to the Waterfront @ Faber New Launch. Well, the best
approach to learn more is to allow yourself to see it. Fill yourself with the ample knowledge and info
regarding the Waterfront @ Faber Floor Plan and the Waterfront @ Faber Price through browsing their

Register now and make a reservation if you are planning to have a unit of this condo, and more
updates which will come soon. For now, we all will likely send out every person the newest renovations along
with reviews related to Waterfront @ Faber Condominium. Luxurious lifestyle will be experienced and by living
in this apartment, you can have a lifetime amusement. If you want to know more info regarding Waterfront @
Faber New Launch , just send us email messages.

Waterfront @ Faber New Launch condo can be furthermore near
educational institutions whereby parents can consider to enrol the colleges near to the condo.

Waterfront @
Faber Condominium presents various shopping options with close-by shopping malls that combine Clementi Nearby
mall, City vibe along with Clementi shop houses located with Clementi City Core. In the Jurong Sea Centre, you
will discover JEM, IMM, Jcube, Westgate and also an extensive measure more where Jurong East MRT is put.
People intending to possess a unit in the condo will certainly love shopping and eating because they can
always find a number of amenities in the area. Most up to date, a blended business and private advancement
that is placed close to the townhouse, will bring additionally consuming and shopping decisions.

@ Faber Price and Waterfront @ Faber Floor Plan details are given in their site, so better check it out.
Rodolfo Delmas
Fort Worth
Skrivet 2014-05-23,04:20:12 CEST Vecka:21
With 15 million website building software, it is really an obvious to acquire confused while selecting a good
mobile website builder program.
Laurence Hasse
Skrivet 2014-05-23,03:45:05 CEST Vecka:21
When Rick Carey started ARK Property Services in 1989, he set the bar high for customer service. That rate of
commitment, along with hard work, helped Rick steadily grow his business with satisfied clients to make 20
Dustin Saro
Skrivet 2014-05-23,03:42:06 CEST Vecka:21
Have a luxurious lifestyle while residing in the new residential project in Singapore, the Trilive Condo.
Trilive is in the center of an area surrounded by dozens of known shopping malls and other facilities that
future inhabitants of Trilive Condo can easily travel into, which makes residing in the condo a worthy

Deciding to stay in this condominium offers you the chance to travel easily as the Trilive
location is in close proximity to the MRT Station and Serangoon central. Also, this apartment is situated with
a very close proximity to numerous shopping malls that makes it a great living place. Stamford American
International and Australian International Schools are also located near Trilive Condo as shown in Trilive
Location; so, Trilive residents can enroll their children in these educational facilities.

If you're
interested, the development officials can be contacted to discuss with you the Trilive Price or Trilive
Floorplan of the condo. The whole site is around 7250 square meters. Aside from that, the establishment will
have units with varying sizes. You can choose the condominium type based on the number of bedrooms and floor

Based on the Trilive Flooplan, Trilive Condo will have 217 posh residential units and 2
fully-furnished shops. Trilive is still undergoing completion and it is estimated to be finish in 2018.
Furthermore, the condo is a freehold property. But as I mentioned above, for Trilive Price or detailed Trilive
Floorplans, you will have to log in to the official site for additional information. You can register your
interest in the website. The representatives of Trilive will update you accordingly.

Lots of people are
already rooting to remain in the condominium. This condo is surrounded with many amenities that you will
absolutely enjoy. You and your loved ones will certainly like to stay in this condo; with Trilive Location,
convenience and elegance are in store.
Assessoria de Imprensa
Rio de Janeiro
Skrivet 2014-05-23,03:19:01 CEST Vecka:21
A+ Assessoria de imprensa RJ, comunicação interna motivacional, assessoria de comunicação, conteúdos e
publicações, media training e mídias sociais.
Kire Dinamic Center
Skrivet 2014-05-23,03:10:16 CEST Vecka:21
Clínica localizada em Pajuçara um dos melhores pontos da cidade, fácil acesso. Nosso diferencial é que
atendemos nossos clientes no horário marcado e não em horário de chegada, cada sessão tem duração de 50
min. onde prestamos os melhores serviços.
Domingo Petrullo
New York
Skrivet 2014-05-23,02:19:04 CEST Vecka:21
As one established fitter of Singapore, UOL is renowned for constructing the newest condominium in town,
Seventy St Patricks Condo which is also a Freehold property. Seventy St Patricks Launch found at Marine Parade
is the newly introduced condominium. Seventy St Patricks Launch incorporates 186 units which are divided into
five blocks. It's claimed to be finished by mid-2017. Family residents in this brand new condominium can
quickly visit Parkway Malls where they could experience entertaining time with each other due to the many
entertaining amenities and high end models of items to shop.

People will truly love living in Seventy St
Patricks New Condo which provides many interesting facilities. They provide the highest standard of safety,
clubhouse, medical facilities, Wading Share, Panel Share, Share Veranda, BBQ area, and playground for
children. Seventy St Patricks offer showflats for individuals to acquaint the condo even more, this is called
Seventy St Patricks Showflat. It is better to visit the showflat so as to know the Seventy St Patricks Prices
and various other related details.

People should not be concerned about access to different amenities
because Seventy St Patricks Condo Launch is near to different shopping plazas and dining places in the city.
Once you leave the Seventy St Patricks, you will find the short distance in between the park and the
condominium. Men and women would like the place where this newly launched apartment is developed.

The area
where Seventy St Patrick is found has a lot of popular malls such as Parkway Parade and Katong Mall. Plus,
traveling has never been a difficulty because ECP and PIE major expressways are close to Seventy St Patricks
Condo. Residents can also find some famous schools in the country which include Tao Nan Primary, CHIJ young
women school, and Temasek/Victoria Younger Universities. The Seventy St Patricks Condo Launch has a very ideal
site in a way that it is only a short distance from the Distance Shore Recreation area, Bedok Ground and
Katong Shopping mall.

You only need ten minutes of travel time before you reach Orchard Highway shopping
center. You could take fast transports like the PIE or go through ECP.

You may inquire about the Seventy
St Patricks Prices by searching in the Seventy St Patricks' official website, plus it also helps you keep
track of the dates of Seventy St Patricks Showflat.
Jermaine Scieszka
Salt Lake City
Skrivet 2014-05-23,01:45:48 CEST Vecka:21
Remy Real hair Extensions adds very nice crop of hair that not all people are blessed with. If your hair has
thinned out or you simply want that rich-feel hair, Remy Real human hair Extensions might be just what you
are in need of. Human Hair Extensions are definitely the quickest way to achieve long beautiful hair short or
thinned hair.
Arlean Shake
Skrivet 2014-05-23,01:39:04 CEST Vecka:21
We now have carefully screened our accepted technicians who're skilled experts and knowledgeable enough
to deliver quality and satisfactory services.
Mina Runyon
Skrivet 2014-05-23,00:38:33 CEST Vecka:21
Skrivet 2014-05-22,23:48:13 CEST Vecka:21
There are a great many items to take into account when receiving a locksmith. Don't think you should
watch for the last second and accumulate educated!
Zelda Boothe
Skrivet 2014-05-22,23:43:12 CEST Vecka:21
What sets us apart from our competition is our extreme creedence to detail. Our formula is easy: provide you
with the highest trend of service, and fine quality parts, at prices our competitors simply is not going to
Skrivet 2014-05-22,23:35:05 CEST Vecka:21
There are a surprisingly large number of things to take into consideration when achieving locksmith.
Don't think you must watch for the last second and receive educated!
Skrivet 2014-05-22,23:20:35 CEST Vecka:21
There are many things to take into account when uncovering locksmith. Don't think it is best to look
ahead to the last possible second and get hold of educated!
Skrivet 2014-05-22,23:11:11 CEST Vecka:21
There are a surprisingly large number of things to take into account when taking out a locksmith. Don't
think you should await the amaze and purchase educated!
Zelda Boothe
Skrivet 2014-05-22,22:48:42 CEST Vecka:21
What sets us apart from our competitors are our extreme attention to detail. Our formula is easy: give you a
highest total service, and top quality parts, at prices our competitors simply won't beat.
Laquanda Vollucci
Skrivet 2014-05-22,21:44:13 CEST Vecka:21
Home improvement projects are the ideal way that will help you optimize your home and customize your living
environment to showcase your unique style.
katie Newman
United States
Skrivet 2014-05-22,21:38:42 CEST Vecka:21
Soft Landing Labs, LTD. is expanding its testing capabilities beyond drug testing to include, metabolomics,
proteomic and possibly genomics.
GlobeNewswire Soft Landing Labs, LTD.
14 minutes ago
MIAMI, Fla., May 22,
2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - SLNZ is expanding its testing capabilities beyond drug testing to
include, metabolomics, proteomic and possibly genomics. Proteomics is the study of the full array of proteins
present in human cells and is the natural extension of genomics. This evolving field has a tremendous
potential to change the practice of medicine.

The goal of this department is to develop innovative testing
strategies for various disease processes with focus on pain syndromes and psychiatric disease that can be
commercialized by the lab. The department is staffed with chemistry scientists and molecular biologists who
use a variety of technologies including liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy, Time of flight, immunoassay
and Polymerase chain reaction.

The first of these tests is to be offered soon by the lab, called CYP450
testing. This test may help speed up the process by which physicians and psychiatrist can identify the right
medication for an individual patient. Traditional psychiatrists try various medications before finding the
appropriate anti-depressant for a particular patient; CYP450 testing may be able to make this process easier
and faster. SLNZ hopes that the tests would be available to customers before the end of 2014 and plans to
offer it at a very competitive rates compared to current pricing.

SLNZ is also working in collaboration
with its partners to develop biomarkers for diseases that have traditionally been diagnosed by a
questionnaire. Relying on such techniques to diagnose critical illnesses has drawbacks and result in
significant variability depending on the tool used and the user's expertise. Having a standardized test
may confirm the findings on a given questionnaire and may give both the provider and the patient confidence in
the diagnosis.

One of the diseases which have significant impact on our community and particularly our
youth is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, ADHD, which is a psychiatric disorder of the
neurodevelopmental type in which there are significant problems with attention, hyperactivity or acting
impulsively that significantly impair daily activities which can result in negative long-term consequence,
academic failure, familial relation problems, low self-esteem and may predispose to drug abuse. It is the most
frequently diagnosed disorder among young youth with prevalence of up to 4-9% of the

Unfortunately there has been no laboratory test to confirm or deny the presence of the disease
in patients diagnosed with ADHD. Identification of biological markers associated with ADHD will only simplify
the diagnosis of ADHD but may also help determine the cause of the disease which may lead to identification of
new treatment options.

SLNZ has initiated a research study to identify biomarkers unique to patients with
ADHD using an integrated approach combining proteomics and metabolomics processes.


SLNZ asks
"How organic is your diet? How earth friendly are you? How healthy is your lifestyle?"

of how much we try to live a "toxins free life", our bodies are constantly bombarded with harmful
material in food, water, air and products that we use. A great number of people try to avoid all these harmful
substances by eating organic products and avoiding pollution. SLNZ is developing a scoring system that offers
a measurable and quantifiable means of gauging how healthy is a person's lifestyle, Scoreganic.

believes that this scoring system will recognize those among us who live a healthier life style while motivate
others to lead a more earth friendly approach.

SLNZ is utilizing advanced testing technology that is able
to detect toxins in any given body fluid in levels as low as 5 picogram per milliliter. Together with
sophisticated software system and state of the art website, SLNZ intends to offer this project to the general

About Soft Landing Labs, LTD

SLNZ was founded in 2009, to provide specialized laboratory testing
focused on small molecules and toxicology including drug testing using highly sensitive technology.

Soft Landing Labs
747 Church Rd Ste F4
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Tel: 630-758-0030

Legal Contact:
Hamilton & Associates Securities Lawyers
Brenda Hamilton, Securities
101 Plaza Real South, Suite 202 N
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Telephone: (561) 416-8956
(561) 416-2855

Investor Relations Contact:
EGM Firm, Inc.
1522 San Ignacio Unit
# 3
Coral Gables, Florida 33143
Telephone: (800) 279-6650
This article was originally
distributed on PRWeb. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

Soft Landing Labs, LTD
Dr Fahmy
Alma Titmus
Skrivet 2014-05-22,21:37:58 CEST Vecka:21
Fixing and setting up garage doors is our occupation and we like to think we perform it better than anybody
else. Put us to the test. See if you don't give us an A+.
Jeffrey Martin
Vero Beach
Skrivet 2014-05-22,17:49:43 CEST Vecka:21
Everyone feels anxious occasionally. However, when anxiety is consistent or extreme, you will likely benefit
from professional help. Anxiety counselling can influence life.
Adeline Lacsamana
Skrivet 2014-05-22,17:45:31 CEST Vecka:21
Have springs will travel. If your garage door spring has seen better days, call us. We'll be there
Yulanda Mickelberry
Skrivet 2014-05-22,16:01:19 CEST Vecka:21
ARC 380 Commercial : An additional Exclusive Growth by Tong Eng Brothers
ARC 380 Commercial is really a
exciting completely new Operator regarding ARC 380 Office will certainly experience very well conceptualized
style together with the two comfort and ease, & structure efficiency. Every product in ARC 380 F&B is
going to be furnished with all the finest finest quality the particular Tong Eng Brothers typically offer. The
lavish still modern-day F&B that you just ought to get after a challenging morning operate. through ARC
380 Commercial. ARC 380 Commercial contains breathtaking architectural mastery created by award-winning
architects, a popular construction & beautiful fakeness with this particular head turner design and style.
Ronnie Phanthavongsa
New York
Skrivet 2014-05-22,15:59:08 CEST Vecka:21
What do you suppose the most frequent repair item on a garage door is? Answer, a broken garage door spring.
If you have a busted spring, just leap to the phone and call us. We'll spring to your aid.
Alana Rybowiak
Palm Desert
Skrivet 2014-05-22,15:30:49 CEST Vecka:21
Google AdSense Alternatives High Paying
Randal Forgue
Skrivet 2014-05-22,15:21:52 CEST Vecka:21
Inside of the relationship, couples seek Relationship Counseling Perth whenever their relationship is
beginning to deteriorate or truth the couples are unsure on proceeding from their relationship.
Adeline Lacsamana
Skrivet 2014-05-22,14:44:07 CEST Vecka:21
Have springs will travel. If your garage door spring has seen better days, call us. We'll be there
Ronnie Phanthavongsa
New York
Skrivet 2014-05-22,12:13:52 CEST Vecka:21
Garage door springs come in pairs and they should be replaced in pairs. You will see we're eager to
satisfy and you'll love our spring pairs.
Ronnie Phanthavongsa
New York
Skrivet 2014-05-22,11:56:03 CEST Vecka:21
Garage door springs come in pairs and they ought to be replaced in pairs. You will discover we're eager
to please and you'll love our spring pairs.
Adeline Lacsamana
Skrivet 2014-05-22,10:57:01 CEST Vecka:21
Fixing and setting up garage doors is our business and we like to think we do it better than anybody else.
Put us to the test. See if you don't give us an A+.
Ronnie Phanthavongsa
New York
Skrivet 2014-05-22,10:46:35 CEST Vecka:21
If you are looking for a dependable garage door installation and repair company, you have clicked the right
place. Just give us a call. We love to talk garage doors.

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